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There are two ways to become a Central States WEA (CSWEA) member.

  1. Become a Water Environment Federation (WEF) Member and select Central States WEA as your member association.

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  2. Become a CSWEA Member Only.

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Why become a CSWEA Member? Read all the value we bring

You'll benefit personally and professionally by joining the CSWEA:

  • By keeping current on tecnical developments
  • By keeping current on regulatory developments
  • By networking with like professionals
  • Gain Sales and Marketing Contacts by advertising, exhibiting and one-on-one contacts.
  • Enhance relationships with regulatory agencies, and their personnel
  • Create opportunities to make a contribution to more effective water environment activities.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for publication in our magazine Central States Water as well as WEF publications
  • Learn and practive leadership by becoming an officer, serve on Association and State Section boards, committees, ect.
  • Opportunities to present papers at State Section and Association (three-state) conferences and seminar.
  • Social interaction with all enviromental professionals involved
  • Opportunities for cost effective continuing and advanced eduation for both professional engineers and operator recertification
  • Support by people engaged in like activities.
  • Gain professional recognition and personal development


The objectives of CSWEA are to:

  • Advance the fundamental knowledge of the water environment, its basic qualities, and physical laws governing its interaction with other aspects of the environment and with the aesthetic, economic and biological needs of the earth's inhabitants.
  • Advance the knowledge and technology in the design, construction, operation and management of water quality systems and facilities.
  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of the earth's water environment, and encourage and promote action necessary for its enhancement.
  • Develop and implement effective delivery mechanisms to rapidly disseminate knowledge concerning the water environment to members and other interested parties.
  • Promote sound policy in matters relating to the water environment.
  • Improve the professional status of all personnel engaged in any aspect of protecting and improving the earth's water environment.
  • Strengthen and build alliances with organizations throughout the world incorporating members of all professions dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of water quality and water resources.
  • Stimulate public awareness of the relationship of water resources to the public welfare and the need for pollution prevention, resource recovery, preservation, conservation, and reuse of water resources.
  • To provide a regional (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) organization offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water environment knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water environment achievements and challenges.
  • Serve the international community of water environment professionals.
  • To support and encourage activities and programs within the three states as developed by the members and committees of the State Sections.

Networking Opportunities

CSWEA activities allow members to establish contacts within their communities, whether facility operators and managers or consulting engineers and ask for counsel and advice on work situations in the water environment field. Attending Association functions can provide members with career opportunities.

Our Members

CSWEA members include civil, design and environmental engineers; biologists, chemists, local and state government officials, treatment plant managers and operators, laboratory technicians, students, professors, lawyers, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Our Vision

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

Join Now

CSWEA offers membership in Central States and the Water Environment Federation, (WEF), and this membership category offers the best value for professionals with the State, Regional, National and worldwide connections of both a local WEF Member Association (CSWEA) and the preeminent organization of water professionals, world-wide, WEF. Several membership categories are available and described within the membership application. Please join WEF and make sure to select CSWEA as your member association.

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CSWEA also offers an Associate level membership, which provides membership in CSWEA only for those who may just interested in CSWEA membership. While we strongly suggest membership in both CSWEA and WEF, we understand that for some, membership in CSWEA only makes the most sense.

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The WEF Utility Partnership Program (UPP) is designed to allow utilities to join WEF and Central States while creating a comprehensive membership package for designated employees. Utilities can consolidate all members within their organization onto one account and have the flexibility to tailor the appropriate value packages based on the designated employees' needs.

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